archistration | ˈärkiˌstrāSHən | noun :  the orchestration of architectural aesthetic.

sapa-01Just as architects listen to their clients and translate their goals and dreams into building designs, Archistration CG translates the designer or developer’s vision into a virtual reality. Beautiful and engaging, our executions are also powerful selling tools. Our animations, renderings, and interactive media have given architects the winning edge in architecture and construction projects, enabled developers to promote, sell and lease their properties and helped non-profits raise money for capital campaigns.

Whether residential, commercial, civic, institutional or spiritual environments, bringing properties to life is Archistration’s specialty. Our expertise in digital media ranges from architectural renderings, to animation, to website design and interactive media. We are team players and collaborators. Our digital artists bring a wealth of insight and experience to each project. Proficient in the latest software and technology, we stands ready to hit the ground running and help you communicate your vision to your audience.


CG stands for “Computer Graphics”.
Archistration CG offers a wide range of computer graphics and digital media to help you communicate your vision.


Architectural renderings are at the core of Archistration CG’s services, and the foundation upon which Archistration was built.  Whether you need to present you design intent for city approval, or you hope to generate excitement to raise the funds needed to build your project, we have the experience to get your vision noticed.

Animation, Video
and Motion Graphics

Looking at a set of architectural plans can be confusing for some.  Why not walk your client through the building as soon as your design ideas are being put to paper?  Archistration’s animations have helped architecture firms win design competitions through beautiful and engaging visuals, construction companies win bid competitions with concise and informative logistics and schedule videos, developers fill residential units with virtual tours, and religious and educational institutions raise the capital they need to realize their dreams.

Web Design and

Archistration CG has provided rich web media for company websites, residential leasing, health education, design competitions, and special events.  Combined with our visualization services, we can help you communicate your vision, and then share it with the world.  Our web media is just as solid behind the scenes as it is on the surface.  We have provided sites with WordPress integration as well as custom Content Management Stystems (CMS).

Interactive Media

Archistration CG always strives to push the boundaries of innovation.  We have the technical ingenuity and imagination to bring your ideas to life, even if they are well beyond the norm.  A client once asked if we could create an interactive kiosk for their development showroom.  We said, “No problem, why don’t we project it on a floating pane of glass?”  So we did.


About Jeffrey Windler, Owner, and Archistration, llc’s history

Jeffrey Windler first started producing digital media professionally in 2000, starting as an architectural intern with the Beck Group in Dallas.  Soon after he became one of the founding members of Beck’s in-house visualization team, Beck Blue Media, where the small team worked diligently to innovate the firm’s design and presentation processes, as well as construction bid competitions.

In 2005 Jeffrey left the Beck Group to become one of the founding partners of a new Dallas architectural firm, 5G Studio Collaborative.  As partner and head of the 5G media department, Jeffrey continued to focus on architectural visualization work for 5G’s projects, as well as for other clients.

In order to focus on providing digital media services for a broader range of clients, Jeffrey opened Jeffrey Windler, llc, Architectural Media Solutions in 2008. In doing so Jeffrey also broadened his range of services beyond architectural visualization, to include web design and interactive media.

In 2013, Jeffrey moved to his hometown of St. Louis, maintaining a firm grasp of the Dallas market, and reaching out for new opportunities in St. Louis.  At that time Jeffrey Windler, llc became Archistration, llc, beginning another new chapter.

A former finalist in the Ken Robert’s Memorial Delineation Competition, Jeffrey has sponsored the competition and served on the committee since 2009, managing krobarch.com.  He has been actively involved with other AIA sponsored committees, providing web support for AIA Dallas Design Awards and the annual AIA Dallas Tour of Homes.

With a degree in Architecture from the University of Kansas and experience in the architecture field working with the Beck Group and as partner of 5G Studio Collaborative, Jeffrey brings a wealth of insight and experience to understanding how to communicate a designer’s vision.  Jeffrey is proficient in the latest software and technology and is eager to push the edge of innovation with each project.
“Whether residential, commercial, civic, institutional, or spiritual environments, bringing properties to life is my specialty,” says Jeffrey. “I believe it’s not enough for prospective clients to simply look at a blueprint. They need to get a feel for the atmosphere and the people who will inhabit the space.”